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Organized crime and corruption reporting project includes a team of various superb experts dedicated to criminal hacking activities and a network of corrupted people involved with them by collecting reports from citizens who caught some clues and information. If you want to help fight criminal activities surrounding you, blow a whistle to these people and submit fresh data to their files.   

Physical violence is not the only form of violence someone may experience. Mental and emotional abuse is as much hazardous as any other form of violence. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an organization dedicated to protecting people’s mental health and emotional balance from various abusive actions by enforcing required laws and alarming about potential threats to people’s rights. 

Opposite to long tradition of fighting drug abuse via law enforcement actions and citizens’ engaging in actions of prevention, many modern countries approach the issue differently. Decriminalization of drug utilization has shown unexpected positive effects, but it also brings some serious risks and problems. Portugal has established a comprehensive model of drug decriminalization that is used as a role model for other countries.  

The online version of the Revised Code of Washington provides access and insight to all permanent law now in force in this region. Chapter 42.52. Section 460 deals with legislative aspects of citizen actions. This is what you should study thoroughly to stay within the law when trying to improve your community or to suggest legislative changes and amendments.