Washington city struggles with substance abuse issues for quite a long time, and it seems that no particular progress is made regarding that matter. Thus, we’ve decided to found this organization, unite citizens of Washington and place the problem into the hands of community members. We connect representatives from different sectors of our society, including youth and their parents, teachers and professors, business and political leaders, local media, health care providers, representatives of various religious organizations, civic volunteers and finally – government officials. Our main aim is to raise awareness regarding substance abuse issues, educate all our citizens about it, provide wide range of activities focused primarily onto prevention of drug abuse and set strong network including required institutions to control current drug abuse issues and decrease the total number of active addicts. We share resources, information and ideas for useful projects among members of our community, strive to include all our citizens from the youngest to experienced, elder people to construct healthy environment to live in. When it comes to prevention, our organization provides dynamic classes, lessons and workshops where our young citizens can get all the necessary information and knowledge about the substance abuse matter. Workshops are, also, dedicated to the parents who want to get familiar with these issues in order to prevent or help their children. We work with local media representatives trying to promote healthy habits and ways to prevent malicious vices. We have established several projects with local health care providers that enable people who struggle with addiction to get help, treatment and all sorts of therapies, including work, art and psychotherapy. Finally, members of our organization cooperate with law enforcement officials in order to effectively cut current drug channels and networks of dealers operating within our community, particularly nearby schools and various places where young people gather.