Fighting against drug abuse is the responsibility of every Washington citizen.

An only strong network of United citizens can stop substance abuse.


Let’s create healthy community cleaned from the most dangerous vices.

Washington citizens and local institutions trigger community war on drugs.

Our actions

Diverse citizens’ actions on many levels to fight drug abuse

Education and courses

Through classes and workshops, we teach youth to avoid drugs.

Association with law enforcement

Law enforcement members help us control troubling parts of the city


Local media actions

Via local media, we promote healthy values and raise drug awareness

Government supported projects

Engaging citizens in healthy activities pull them away from hazardous habits

Fight Against Drugs

To fight massively spread drug abuse issues, the community has to engage in various activities on many levels and include many of its citizens. Most of these activities should be supported by the government officials, both via financial support and media promotions. The government should support an educational system that will raise awareness of drug abuse community problems and educate youth about all the associated problems occurring to addicts. Various sport and cultural activities should be promoted louder and healthy idols should be presented to adolescents as role models. Further, all required resources and equipment should be provided to law enforcement to fight drug dealing and flows. Laws against the distribution of illegal substances should be rigorous. Various medical and rehabilitation centers dealing with addicts trying to quit should have a bigger capacity and better accommodation. Finally, there should be effective strategy applied for the reintegration of ex-addicts into the community and regular life activities. We must provide access to treatment and access to drug and alcohol rehabs in Washington.

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